Build On Your Lot:


Of Course, we can build almost anywhere in the area that you want to live.

Let us look at your property and offer a free evaluation of construction options tailored to your needs on your specific property.

Area Neighborhoods:




Phase 1 - Lot 7 (8419 CR 530)
Phase 1 - Lot 8 (8409 CR 530)


Hidden Oaks Estates Plot - CR530

Phase 2 is still in design stage - subject to alteration - Available lots/tracts are anticipated to be 5 acres in size. These lots are expected to sell at $50,000.00 per acre (5x50 = $250K) Final tracts and layout subject to Developer.

Phase 3 in remaining open area may or may not ever be developed. Possible for additional 5 acre tracts. No plans designed for this area at this time.

Overall Plat - Phase 2 Lot Layout
Lot 7 - Hidden Oaks Estates
8409 CR 530 Model 1
Lot 8 - Hidden Oaks Estates
8419 CR 530 Model 2