Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where does Viridian Custom Homes build?
Viridian Custom Homes primarily builds in the Mansfield, Arlington, South Fort Worth areas as well as Johnson, Hood, Parker and Tarrant counties.

Can you build on my lot?
Yes, Viridian Custom Homes primarily builds on owners’ existing lots, either in an existing subdivision or stand alone parcel of land.

How do I know how suitable my land is for building?
Many people choose to conduct a feasibility study, which will help determine, at a minimum, the slope of the land, setbacks, environmental constraints on the property and the availability of water and other utilities. (See “Tips for BOYL”)

What is involved in site preparation?
• Clearing property of trees and brush where the home will be located (this may also include bringing in more fill dirt for the foundation)
• Researching environmental and building ordinances and codes
• Excavation
• Septic / sewer design and installation
• Well or water hookup
• All other utility hookups and permits

What standard features do you include in your homes?
Viridian Custom Homes has many sources for high quality standard features. We believe in providing more for the client upfront than starting with a cheap product and continually adding on. Being a custom builder we do allow the customer to explore other avenues of design, since it is going to be “your” home. (See “What is Included”)

How long does it take to build a new Viridian Custom Home?
Building times can vary from season to season and also are based upon the diligence of the client on selections and financing. I todays hot construction market,  on average, the building time from poured foundation is approximately 5 to 6 months.

How does the BOYL construction loan process work?
A construction loan is a short-term real estate loan to finance building costs. The funds are disbursed as needed or in accordance with a predetermined schedule or “draw” on work completed. The loan money is repaid upon completion and closing of the new home by means of a mortgage. Your bank would be able to explain any further specifics.